Business Advisories

Setting up business

In the competitive era of today, setting up a business with the perfect foundation is necessary for its survival.  Our offerings strive to make your business incorporation process as seamless as possible by leveraging on third-party solutions that integrate our expertise for setting up business in the current competitive markets with the goal of achieving maximum output with the given available resources.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions are the contemporary words for capitalization of business synergies. At Amro Bucons we understand the dynamics of industries and the unique challenges presented by business combinations in a regulated environment. We respond to transactional demands with a creative, solution-oriented approach designed to achieve your business goals.

Business Consolidations

Vertical Mergers & acquisitions are another way of gaining from the collaboration of like-oriented companies. AmroBucons also provides advisory services towards strategizing and road mapping “Consolidations”.

Foreign Business Advisory

On setting a right foot in the industry, every business house aims at overseas collaborations for maximizing business growth. AmroBucons is a one-stop solution for liaison in overseas business advisory through its widespread business network across the globe.

Spin off & Demergers of businesses

Spin-off & demerger is another tool effectively used to maintain the valuation of growing arms of business at pace. Amro Bucons is also pioneering the advisory services for successful and effective spin-offs & demergers for the organic growth of the business house.

Business Expansions

We provide you with an advisory for formulating plans for expansions at the right time with the right pace which is the secret of long-term stabilized growth. Expansions are channelized to keep the business momentum intact and to potentially expose your businesses to larger markets.

Business Restructuring

Business restructuring, reorganization, or remodeling has witnessed some astonishing results over past decades in a number of industries, which has helped them in their survival in the modern era of “Digital & Technology driven dynamic Economy”. To maintain the pace with the changing trends of the modern business era, we also provide efficient business restructuring advisories.

Credit Ratings

With the increasing cases of bad debts and defaults, Credit rating’s importance has spiked over in the past few decades in the business environment globally. It serves as a reliable recognition in the business community and hence has been added in the basket of services provided by AMROBUCONS.

Business Valuations

Business Valuations are an important part in this new corporate era for equity raising, other fundraising, M & A, hiving off of business units, etc. Having your company fairly valued is the key to strategic management decisions. AmroBucons is also offering advisory services for Valuations.

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