Financial Advisory

Project Appraisal

Whether you are setting up a new project or undertaking an expansion in existing businesses by going for a new project, you need to have a proper appraisal of the project. The inappropriate appraisal would lead to failures or difficulties with greater certainty. Correct Appraisal of project determines the success of the business. Finance Strategy is a critical aspect in driving the successful project implementation. Through our experienced team of experts at AmroBucons, we provide guidance for proper project appraisal and also support the projects during their critical stages of implementation.

Fund Raising

AmroBucons provides various Debt & Equity fundraising solutions:

  1. Debt:- under debt we can arrange for Project Finance, Working Capital Finance, Equipment Loans, Structured Financing, Acquisition Funding, Promoter Funding, Mezzanine Funding in the domestic as well as international market.
  2. Equity:- under equity we can arrange the required Jan tum of equity for the corporate clients

Private Equity, Corporate Equity, Sweat Equity, Open Market Equity, etc.

Debt Syndication

Our expertise includes raising Debt Financing both in Domestic and International Markets, with cross-border experience. AmroBucons has an excellent network for “Debt syndication” through the best possible sources. We offer assistance within the areas of Project Finance, Capital Expenditure for Green-field/Brown-field Expansion, Acquisition Finance, and Cross-Border project funding.

Financial Stress Resolution

Timely resolution of financial stress is very much essential for not only the survival but the sustainability of any business. We help in resolving the financial crisis situation and also support our clients through providing a turnaround plan for the longer-term prospects in their businesses.

Investment Advisory

Our expertise also serves to the advisory need of the investors across the globe looking for an opportunities to park their investments. We provide a bouquet of advisory services to investors for the deployment of their investments.

Techno-Economic Viability (TEV)

The techno-economic viability study report has proven its essence in the strategic approach for project appraisals in the corporate world. AmroBucons provides assistance through its network for preparation, coordination & liasoning services for TEV study report.

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